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We provide high-performance solutions to put your technical development needs right on track with our certified services.

Mobile Application, Website Application, Application Testing, Big Data Analytics, IT Architecture, Cryptocurrency/Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT)

AI & Machine Learning Solutions

We provide the best: Converts text into speech AI with biggest Audio book and Podcast application named Voiz FM in Viet Nam


IT Strategy & Implementation, Scaling Systems & Architecture, Technical Education, Startup Partnerships

We Offer a Full Range
of Software Development!

The most professional provider of website and mobile development services.

The partner of many popular startups: YouListen, WeWe, UMC, Lens Nice, etc.

Leading Technical and Busines Solution.

We boast a leading team of engineers with years of experience, who have held an important position in many large companies as Bosch, Shoppee, etc.

As one of the few companies with strong and leading AI background in Viet Nam.

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We cover almost the solutions in mobile and web app development
Mobile Development

YouListen, Reprice, UMC, etc.

UI Designing

Macaw, Laban Key, etc.

AI & Machine Learning

Voiz FM app

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